10 GEOVIA Surpac Plotting Tips & Tricks

10 GEOVIA Surpac Plotting Tips & Tricks

by Froiland Timpoc, Technical Consultant, EM | Paramina Earth Technologies, Inc.

These are quick and simple GEOVIA Surpac Plotting Tips & Tricks. Incorporated some common questions or queries from our clients we think are important to others as well. Let’s start!

Plotting Tip & Trick #1: MAP SCALE (e.g. 1:100)

Tired of placing NIS or not in scale on your maps? Need to create a map of 1:1000? Here’s the trick!


Using Autoplot:
Plotting -> Autoplot then Select Manual Scale. On Manual scale options section, tick Lock X/Y scale, then input the desired scale to be used (e.g. type in 100 to create 1:100 plot)

Plotting Tip & Trick #1


Using File-based Plotting:
After defining entities and map, process and select the map to be processed, under Plot Parameters, check Lock X/Y Scale and input the desired scale.

Plotting Tip & Trick #1
Plotting Tip & Trick #1

Plotting Tip & Trick #2: CRASHING/FREEZING

The second trick would be, the solution for crashing and/or freezing. Have you been experiencing Crashing and/or freezing of Surpac while Plotting? You already tried running the software in compatibility mode and with administrative privileges? Here’s a tip!


Customize -> Default preferences -> Graphics -> Hardware settings -> External display driver -> SAFEST

Plotting Tip & Trick #2

Click Apply. Restart GEOVIA Surpac to apply changes.

Plotting Tip & Trick #2

Setting the external display driver to safest forces the external application window to use the software driver, thus becoming more stable.

Plotting Tip & Trick #3: MULTIPLE SECTION PLOT

Having the need of displaying multiple plots on one sheet?


  • Create drawing areas for the various parts of the map
  • Plot each file on the defined drawing areas
  • Append the produced plots to create the final map
  • A3_ADJ (A3): 41.5 x 28.2 cm
Plotting Tip & Trick #3


Plotting Tip & Trick #3

Plotting Tip & Trick #4: PLOT SHEET SETUP

Wanna use the previously created title blocks, drawing areas, borders, and grids?


  • Create a folder for plotting files
  • Copy necessary plotting files
    • (e.g. borders.ssi, etc.) from the plotting logical, SSI_PLOTTING:\ or C:\users\public\geovia\surpac\69_x64\share\plotting)
Plotting Tip & Trick #4


  • Go to Customise -> Default preferences -> Alias Files -> Translations
  • Under SSI_PLOTTING tab, map the newly created plotting folder
  • Click Apply and Restart Surpac.
Plotting Tips & Tricks #4

Plotting Tips & Tricks #5: PLOT PRINT OFFSET

Annoyed with the offset present upon printing of plot files?


  • Open Surpac, go to Plotting -> Plot sheet setup window
  • On Plot sheet setup window, go to File -> Plot sheet properties
  • Add/Insert a row for the adjusted sheet size
  • Copy the sheet sizes then decrease the sizes of the sheets by ~1.5cm on BOTH X and Y Sizes
Plotting Tips & Tricks #5

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